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Kaylee sat on her bed and proceeded to write a letter to Serenity, specifically to Mal. She could send an electronic correspondence of some kind, but letter writing seemed more personal.

Hi Captain!

Thought I'd update ya on my schooling. I'll only mention the parts you might actually care about. Like when I made an Alliance officer using popsicle sticks a few weeks ago in Arts and Crafts. I disfigured it, of course. You'd be proud.

I always think of you all when I'm in astronomy. I look up at the stars and wonder if Serenity's up there. Probably not, but it makes me feel better thinkin' it is. The stars are real pretty.

We also played a crazy game of poker in Dadaism. I still don't get what that is, but we get to be weird for fun, so I like it.

I met more people here, but I think you might only be interested in hearing about Joxer. He's really sweet and asked me out on a date. course I accepted. And we went to a beach called Serenity Cove. Perfect name if you ask me. I really like Joxer.

Hope you all are surviving without me. Tell everyone I miss them, because I do. Even Jayne.


Mei Mei

P.S. You can tell Simon about Joxer. I know he'll be real interested in hearing all 'bout the date.

She couldn't help smiling when she added that. She wasn't going to wait around for Simon. He had his chance. Many chances really.

Now Kaylee had to figure out a way to get the letter sent to a space ship 500 years in the future... She decided, for now, to head to the fifth floor common room.
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