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Kaylee was sitting on her bed, glancing around at her near empty room. The Christmas lights that were still up were the only sign that someone had lived here.

It was a little hard to believe she would be leaving in a few hours.

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Kaylee was sitting on her bed, staring out the window. It was kind of a mess out there, which would be the reason she was still here. She assumed this was just another crazy Fandom thing and it would be over by Monday. This would just be one more adventure before she left.

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Kaylee was sitting on her bed reading one of her assignments for Traditional Fairy Tales. She glanced at the Valentine's Day decorations on her wall. They made her smile, so she decided to leave them up there for awhile.

She was still processing what happened this weekend. Even though she was generally the cheerful, optimistic type, she was still shaken by what she saw. Who wouldn't be horrified by space cannibals, really?

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Kaylee ran back to her room after the strange incident in the park and had been there ever since. She still didn't feel safe, though. She was very tired and unwilling to move. She had a blanket wrapped around her, but the cold still lingered. Nothing seemed to make it go away.

The shadows in her room seemed normal, but that didn't stop her from watching them.

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Kaylee was starting to get settled into her new room. The extra space meant more room for all of her random engine parts. Unless, of course, she acquired more.

Currently, she was putting Christmas lights up. She really didn't care that the holiday was over. They were pretty.

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Kaylee returned to her room after spending part of break aboard Serenity. It was nice to be back. She missed the crew a lot, and she missed being the ship's mechanic. She even missed Mal yelling at her to make sure things were running smoothly. Even when they were docked on Persephone for a few days. Still, it felt like home.

Now, she was back in Fandom. And Joxer wasn't. It wouldn't be easy to move on, but Kaylee knew she probably had to. It was unlikely that he would ever return.

To take her mind off of that, she settled on the floor and began tinkering with engine parts she had brought back with her.

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