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Kaylee's weekend had mostly been good. Seeing Mal and Simon was the highlight, of course.

Saturday, she introduced Mal and Joxer. That meeting was just a bit awkward, so Kaylee made the huge mistake of inviting River and Blair over. That only seemed to make things worse.

Sunday was much better. She had brunch with River and Mal which was much more pleasant. Mal even brought shinies! An entire box of engine parts for her to fix up. She'd really missed being a mechanic.

So now she was sitting on the floor on her side of the room, engine parts scattered all around her. She was trying to decide which to work on first. There were so many to choose from.

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Kaylee sat on her bed and proceeded to write a letter to Serenity, specifically to Mal. She could send an electronic correspondence of some kind, but letter writing seemed more personal.

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Now Kaylee had to figure out a way to get the letter sent to a space ship 500 years in the future... She decided, for now, to head to the fifth floor common room.
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It had been a good week for Kaylee. It all started with the slumber party last Sunday where she met Willow, Buffy and Cordelia. Then she was introduced to Bollywood films and ate chocolate.

On Monday, she went to her first workshop, Arts and Crafts. She made an Alliance officer using popsicle sticks and then disfigured it in the name of justice.

She met Veronica on Tuesday when she went to Caritas. She could really get used to that bar. Maybe sometime she will sing there. She really needs to learn more about the music of this time, though. Wednesday, she met more new people, including Jamie and Anakin, who told her about the junkyard in town. And she met Gwynn in her second workshop, Astronomy. Looking at all the stars reminded her of home.

And she went to her third workshop on Friday. She had a lot of fun in Dadaism, where she played a strange version of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Stark. She wondered if anything could beat Reavers in that game.

She still likes it here at Fandom High. She's been enjoying the cabins as well. One of these days, she'd have to check out the junkyard.
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Kaylee is starting to adjust somewhat to Fandom. She had met more people including a real live demon and talking cat. She also learned that there is a Viper on the roof, at least that's what she thinks Cally referred to it as. Kaylee really does want to check that out sometime. And she wants to meet Alphonse's cat sometime.

She talked to River as well. At least she was her River. Makes things easier. Besides, she promised Simon she'd keep an eye on her. Not that Kaylee would ever tell River that.

She still thinks about taking up knitting. Maybe tomorrow she would head to the library and find some books on the subject. Normally, she wasn't one for book learning, but she told Hermione she would try to take up knitting to help free enslaved house elves. The poor things.

She still misses everyone back on Serenity, but she is determined to make the best of the situation here at Fandom High.
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Kaylee had a good time yesterday at the welcome party. She found the whole experience to be exciting. She met so many shiny people, including another girl who enjoys fixing engines and doesn't mind getting greasy in the process.

She also ran into River and Zoe. Although she wasn't her Zoe. Kaylee still couldn't wrap her mind around some of this stuff. Still, it was a comfort to know she is the principal of this school. Made it feel a little like home. Serenity. She sure missed that boat and the people on board she left behind. But she was determined to make the best of everything. There were so many new and exciting things to learn about. She was ready for the challenge.

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