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Kaylee was sitting on her bed staring at the letter in her hand. It had some of the usual things in it. The crew still missed her and Jayne was still a jackass. Nothing new there. However, Mal made it sound like the current mechanic was an incompetent moron. Apparently Serenity was falling apart without her.

"What are they doin' to my girl?" Kaylee asked herself as she read the letter again.

She made a decision at that moment. Seemed Serenity needed her more than Fandom did. Or at least that's what Kaylee was telling herself. She missed everyone. She missed the ship. She missed being in space. Maybe it was time to go home.

[ooc: establishy; Kaylee will be leaving by the end of the week, woe; if any of you would like to interact with her one last time, there will be an Empire post tomorrow and a final goodbye post Saturday. Or let me know if neither of those work and we can work something out.]
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Kaylee returned to her room after spending part of break aboard Serenity. It was nice to be back. She missed the crew a lot, and she missed being the ship's mechanic. She even missed Mal yelling at her to make sure things were running smoothly. Even when they were docked on Persephone for a few days. Still, it felt like home.

Now, she was back in Fandom. And Joxer wasn't. It wouldn't be easy to move on, but Kaylee knew she probably had to. It was unlikely that he would ever return.

To take her mind off of that, she settled on the floor and began tinkering with engine parts she had brought back with her.

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