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Kaylee was sitting on her bed, glancing around at her near empty room. The Christmas lights that were still up were the only sign that someone had lived here.

It was a little hard to believe she would be leaving in a few hours.

[ooc: If you want to say goodbye to Kaylee, this is the last chance to do so; feel free to handwave that she called if you'd like; *sniffles*]
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Kaylee's weekend had mostly been good. Seeing Mal and Simon was the highlight, of course.

Saturday, she introduced Mal and Joxer. That meeting was just a bit awkward, so Kaylee made the huge mistake of inviting River and Blair over. That only seemed to make things worse.

Sunday was much better. She had brunch with River and Mal which was much more pleasant. Mal even brought shinies! An entire box of engine parts for her to fix up. She'd really missed being a mechanic.

So now she was sitting on the floor on her side of the room, engine parts scattered all around her. She was trying to decide which to work on first. There were so many to choose from.

[ooc: door and post are open!]


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