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Kaylee was in her room, glancing at the gift River left her. She was trying very hard not to open it before Christmas. In the meantime, she was looking over her notes for the Constant Vigilance final. She really didn't want to fail.

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Kaylee had spent most of the troll invasion hiding in her room. She would have tried to fight, but she knew she and weapons didn't mix well. She likely would have only gotten in the way or hurt.

She'd been worried about Joxer, figuring he was out there fighting trolls. She felt a little better when he showed up earlier to make sure she was okay. And he had been there ever since. She thought it was sweet that he was there to defend her if he had to.
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Kaylee's weekend had mostly been good. Seeing Mal and Simon was the highlight, of course.

Saturday, she introduced Mal and Joxer. That meeting was just a bit awkward, so Kaylee made the huge mistake of inviting River and Blair over. That only seemed to make things worse.

Sunday was much better. She had brunch with River and Mal which was much more pleasant. Mal even brought shinies! An entire box of engine parts for her to fix up. She'd really missed being a mechanic.

So now she was sitting on the floor on her side of the room, engine parts scattered all around her. She was trying to decide which to work on first. There were so many to choose from.

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Kaylee was sitting in her room, listening to music. She really should learn as much as she can about earth music, especially if she's going to work at Empire Records.

Having a job? That would probably be helpful as she is broke.

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Kaylee was sitting on her bed working on the poem she wrote in her workshop earlier today. Even though she already turned it in, she wanted to make it better. She didn't really know why she bothered working on it. It wasn't like she was planning to show it to anyone.

After awhile, she gave up and started writing a letter to Inara instead.
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Kaylee sat on her bed and proceeded to write a letter to Serenity, specifically to Mal. She could send an electronic correspondence of some kind, but letter writing seemed more personal.

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Now Kaylee had to figure out a way to get the letter sent to a space ship 500 years in the future... She decided, for now, to head to the fifth floor common room.


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